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Friday, 20 July 2007

Jet Charter and Private Jets

Is a Jet Charter and Private Jet something you are looking for? We provide affordable private aircraft charter flights and aircraft cargo service to anywhere in the Continental United States and the Caribbean. Based in Greenville, SC, we are experts in the air charter industry. Chartering a private aircraft from Air Charter Express, Inc., affords you the flexibility to travel on your time; when you want — where you want.

Our aircraft are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
and our staff will provide you with quality, personal service. Contact us today, and fly with confidence!

Flexibility in Destination

With as little as one phone call or simply by filling out our quote request form, you could be on your way to discovering the convenience of flying with Jet Charter. Jet Charter offers the finest service for all your private jet needs whether it be a weekend away with family or the most demanding business itenerary. With over 5000 destinations worldwide, business or pleasure, Jet Charter will make the luxury of private jet travel an every day convenience.

Avoid Crowded Commercial Terminals

Unlike flying with the commercial airlines, Jet Charter clients travel anywhere, anytime on their choice of over 2000 world class private jets. Our clients NEVER wait in long airport security lines or busy commercial terminals. Discover Jet Charter has been providing more and more discerning travelers the ultimate in private Charter service.

We understand that truly luxurious travel is carefree travel, a sense of ease and plenty of pampering. To create the Ultimate jet charter experience, our client service standards far exceed those of others in the industry. Every step of the way-from the moment we begin planning your flight through your stay at one of over 5000 destinations served by Jet Charter—your personal Flight Consultant will take care of you, and every detail, exactly as you request.

If you’ve been looking for the sensible hassle–free way to enjoy the benefits of traveling aboard a private jet give your Personal Flight Consultant a call today and experience YOUR perfect destination.

Five-star Service

With Jet Charter you will discover a dedicated staff ready to attend to every detail of your private jet travel itinerary providing a level of personalized service unrivaled. Our service combined with spacious cabin layouts and world class in-flight catering ensure an experience superior to any other. With over 2000 private jets and over 5000 travel destinations to choose from, where can Jet Charter take you?

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